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We have so many choices these days. It may seem overwhelming to choose from a wide array of available supply chain training options. What criteria can you use to select the best option?

  • Does the training give you the newest insights?
  • Is the certification sought by employers inside and outside the Netherlands?
  • Is it a global level training valid accross the world and a truly recognized standard in supply chain education in companies?
  • Does the certification make you stand out in the job pool?

 Search no more: Proqua’s APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP and CLTD training courses check all the boxes.

APICS Training Options

APICS Education Training and Learning opportunities

How to prepare for an APICS CPIM CSCP CLTD exam

Check out what learning option works besst for you:

  • Class Room Training Day & Evening sessions
  • Virtual Instructor Led Training VILT
  • APICS CPIM Seminar on Saturdays
  • Exam Preparation Training
  • Self Learning E-learning or in combination with exam training

Classroom training:

  • A CPIM training consists of 19 sessions. Each session 3 hrs.  
  • Part 1 BSCM 8 sessions + Part 2 Combo of SMR, MPR, DSP, ECO 12 sessions.
  • Day training Part 1: 4 days + Part 2 Combo of SMR, MPR, DSP, ECO 6 days

  • A CLTD Training is made up of 8 sessions. Each session 3hrs. + optional 1-day exam training
  • A CSCP Training is made up of 8 sessions. Each session 3hrs. + optional 1-day exam training

Virtual Instructor Led Training VILT:

A training in which participant connects and interacts with the instructor. Synchronous sessions moderated by the instructor via computer network + teleconferencing facilities. More…


Lessons only available on Saturdays. The CPIM training option for supply chain professionals who don’t have time.
The Seminar format offers students the opportunity to exit with the APICS CPIM Certificate after only 8½ Saturdays. You will complete the entire CPIM training (2 parts ) to prepare for the APICS CPIM exams.

Exam Preparation Training:

You order the mandatory APICS study materials ( books + online learning) and prepare yourselves without support for the exam. You will join an exam preparation training.
CSCP & CLTD each 1 day exam preparation
CPIM Part 1 3hrs. Part 2 3hrs. 

Self directed learning no support:

Order the mandatory study materials ( books + online learning) they will be send to you and prepare yourself without support for the testing.

Self directed learning with support/ E-Learning:

The study materials ( books + online learning) will be send to you. You will be assigned an instructor. You can contact him/ her on your study questions by tel., e-mail or skype. Shortly before the exam you will have a 1:1  appointment:
CPIM for Part 1 3hrs. and Part 2 5hrs. appointment to prepare for the testing and dot the i’s.
Venue determined jointly at ‘s- Hertogenbosch.


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